Patricia Fernandez / Open Studio in Bordeaux

After nearly two months of research, Patricia Fernandez is almost finished with her two month residency in Bordeaux.  She will end her stay in the city by exhibiting her work in an open studio which will be held at Fabrique Pola, where she currently has her personal workshop.

Fernandez began her residency in Bordeaux after entering France by foot, on a long trek though the Pyrenees from Spain. While her work is based around the memories and history of Spanish exiles during the period of Franco’s regime, she recreated this walk to reflect on the lives and struggles for many people, including her own ancestors who lived during this period.  Her research is composed of narratives, drawings, photos, maps, interviews and articles which have helped her widen her understanding of exile and her own family history.

Following her return to California, her work will be presented in a larger, international project in Los Angeles in early 2013.