Olivier Mirguet - Searchlight of Police Helicopter, 2007.

Supervision L.A. / Olivier Mirguet

LACEN Project is pleased to present Supervision L.A., Olivier Mirguet‘s first exhibition in Los Angeles. This exhibition will include photographs of searchlight’s police helicopters in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a forked, enigmatic and equivocal city. Shrouded in peace, a sunny utopia. All an illusion.

Violence is latent, ready to blow up anytime. But everyone shrugs it off.
You may think you are protected, however the surface can suddenly crack. Gangsters and paparazzi are lurking. Even stars are invisible, and their own existence can be misleading. In this disturbing eeriness, signs of chaos are rare.
Perhaps surveillance cameras are present to help us remember that something can happen at any moment.
During this time, helicopters are turning around and waking me up. I am chasing them. Their searchlight makes me blind, piercing the night, revealing a possible drama.