Paris At Your Home

An experiment in curation, context-trading, and the possibilities of public art, Paris at Your Home!, co-curated by Mark Allen and Isabelle Le Normand,  is an unprecedented re-imagining of the home as both a site of cultural production and a locus for public exchange. This January, five artists will come from France and will be hosted in the private homes of Los Angeles-based artists. The artists will create work in response to and situated in the private residences of their host homes. Making performances, concerts, or ephemeral installations, the projects will be made specifically for intimate audiences in domestic spaces.

Machine Project will become the publicly accessible information-center-meets-travel-agency for people to sign up to attend events. After two weeks, the project will culminate in a public closing reception at Machine Project for the French artists and their L.A. hosts.

Paris At Your Home will include:

Adam Overton hosts Dominique Gilliot

Sara Roberts hosts Dominique Blais

Elizabeth Cline hosts Davide Balula

Jen Hofer & Rob Ray host Fayçal Baghriche

Lara Bank & Chris Colthart host Nicolas Boulard

Lyn Kienholz hosts Julien Berthier

The project will continue in May 2013, when Machine Project will bring six Los Angeles artists to Parisian homes for the event Los Angeles Chez Vous! A closing party on the last night will bring all of the participating artists and hosts, both from Los Angeles and Paris, together. Documentation of the series occurs in video and photography as the events unfold, and is posted online as completed.

The participants for Los Angeles Chez Vous will include: Liz Glynn, Emily Joyce, Dawn Kasper, Emily Lacy, Lucky Dragons, Nate Page, Fayçal Baghriche, Cécile Bourne-Farrell, Stéphanie Cottin, Albertine De Galbert, Dominique Blais and Anne-Lou Vicente.

Please follow the link for more information about Paris at Your Home/Los Angeles Chez Vous!