Paris at Your Home / Julien Berthier at the home of Lyn Kienholz

Dawn. Just before the coyotes come dancing at the sound of Lyn’s voice. Cinematic landscape. Imported palm trees that put oaks out of business. Nature becoming property. Fictional construction that really smells like crepes. Fake. The end. Please join Lyn and Julien for a subtle intervention which transposes French history onto California steps.

Julien Berthier seeks a permanent ambiguity in the works or situations he produces, by building “hyperrealistic” objects to be confronted in public space. / Lyn Kienholz is founder and president of the California/International Arts Foundation, and a long time arts advocate. Lyn is a great lover of France and received the medal L’Officier dans l’Ordre National des Arts et Lettres!RSVP to this event!

More information about this event can be found here.