Paris at Your Home / Dominique Gilliot at the home of Adam Overton

After having spent a certain amount of time in a certain given space owned and inhabited by a certain person with a certain spirit, Dominique Gilliot will deliver and perform a certain amount of impressions and various intuitions concerning this very context. All the rest is uncertain. Nevertheless, what can be expected is a certain amount of poetry; a certain somebody trying to produce clever singing; colors; a sad puppy; a whole lot of a bunch of many many questions or worse; a physicality confronted with a shadow coming from the window; Adam Overton; Dominique Gilliot and a cracker. Keep your receipts. Remove your shoes. Thank you.

Explicit, humorous, elusive, and incisive, Dominique Gilliots performance-based work is occasionally vernacular, often volatile, and always poetic. She also sings and plays the keyboard in the French band “Gachette of the Mastiff.” / Adam Overton is an experimental artist living in Los Angeles who works between performance, writing, experimental music, massage, workshops, event-production and various participatory forms, all in order to facilitate odd and intimate artist-led experiences.

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