Paris at Your Home / Dominique Blais at the home of Chris Colthart and Lara Bank

During his journey in Los Angeles, Dominique Blais has decided to work with the idea of the solar cycle, beginning with sunrise in the eastern neighborhoods of LA and finishing with sunset on the westside. All the pieces – temporary titled “Ten Hours Stories” – will consist of two photographs of these short but important moments determining the IN-point and the OUT-point of a story he does not narrate.

Dominique Blais aims to forge links between the visual and auditory components of our environment through his sculptural, sound installations. / Chris Colthart has a small recording studio at the house in Highland Park where he pursues both “in” and “out” musical forms as a producer and member of Gold Paint, a psychedelic trio. Lara Bank is a Los Angeles artist producing conceptual, participatory artworks questioning notions of ownership, space, communication, equity, and accomplishment through communal actions.

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