Mambo - Untitled

Mambo / Modern Cannibalism

Crooks & Castles is proud to announce a new collaboration with French Artist Mambo, fueled by Monster Energy and BR4SS.

This collaboration will consist of a mural of Mambo’s unique artwork in Downtown Los Angeles. This will be Mambo’s first large scale project since moving to the United States last year from France.

“My main inspiration is us, humans, and our behaviours. I like to express our feelings and emotions through the bodies, faces and hands. This piece will be called “Modern Cannibalism” and is mainly about the rat race, and how people will eat and step over others to achieve their goals, but is beyond that.My message is not obvious and part of it is just for you to imagine. So please take a seat and enjoy.” – Mambo

Please watch this introductory video to learn more about Mambo and stay tuned for 2 more videos that will showcase the collaboration coming to life!

The mural can be found on San Mateo and 8th Street in Downtown L.A.