Ma Prochaine Vie @ ForYourArt

Dear Los Angeles,

When we first met you in 2007, your freedom, your kindness, your craziness, your entire spirit charmed and delighted and touched us, and we fell hopelessly in love. We believe in you. You are a dream, a powerful and chaotic art work, and we would like, in return, to show you our dream: The gallery is Courtesy. Our first exhibition will be inside of you, and will show you a reflection of your own beauty. The show is Ma prochaine vie. Like you, our first show is dispersed. Three different locations, with three different landscapes: The gallery Here is Elsewhere, the non-profit space ForYourArt, and the home of collector and artist Danny First. To see it all, one must travel, and be adventurous. Los Angeles, what can we say? You are our religion. Watch over us, guide us, and we will travel the world to spread your message. We will come back to pay our respects at the feet of your ocean and your hills. Smile as you witness our new life.


We are proud to present the second part of Ma Prochaine Vie at ForYourArt: The show is a beautiful day at the ocean with colors and light. ForYourArt produces

Participating artists include: Scoli Acosta, Etel Adnan, Akatre, Ivan Argote, Fayçal Baghriche, Elena Bajo, Pauline Bastard,  Jon Bernad, Julien Berthier, Florian Bézu, Dominique Blais, Jean-Luc Blanc, Michel Blazy, Jennifer Bolande, Nicolas Boulard, Benoît Broisat, Brian Butler, Sophie
Calle, Laura Copelin, Audrey Cottin, Zoe Crosher, John Divola, Mimosa Echard, Vincent Ganivet, David Gilbert, Alexandra Grant, Germain Hamel, Julian Hoeber, David Horvitz, Cannon Hudson, Emily Joyce, Olga Koumoundouros, Alexander Kroll, Laurent Le Deunff, Pierre Leguillon, Lucky Dragons, Jonathan Martin, Emily Mast, Megan May Daalder, Mathew McWilliams, Théo Mercier, Allison Miller, Alison O’Daniel, Vanessa Prager, Julien Prévieux, Sarah Rara, Miljohn Ruperto, Achraf Touloub, Phil Wagner, Jennifer West.