From 21.12.12 to 12.21.12.

On December 21st of this year, according to various eschatological beliefs, the world will come to an end. A group of individuals self-identified as “The Survivalists”, in Southern California, Utah, and Nevada have been building underground shelters and making anti-nuclear clothes in preparation for the Apocalypse. While some are stuck on the fantasy of a disaster scenario, others are viewing this possible occurrence not as a catastrophic event, but rather as a societal transformation or a qualitative jump.

Stay tuned with the Ceci n’est pas website to follow Vincent Lamouroux and Yann Perreau as they embark on their journey “in search for 21.12.12” based in Southern California and beyond. Through their blog posts, photos and reports from the road, found directly on this site, they will showcase the locations, landmarks and cultural icons that narrate the story and the beliefs of these people.

Join these authors as they observe what is at stage, in hopes of finding that something useful may lie at the core of the dystopian imagination.  Their vision is to discover more about our time, our fears, our dreams, and our fantasies. They hope to learn more about our future too – the new, the unexpected and the “novelty,” where reality and science fiction intertwine. Through an aesthetic and philosophical approach, Vincent Lamouroux and Yann Perreau will share their findings and observations along the road.