François Morellet - Triple X neonly, 2012. Image © ADAGP François Morellet Photo: Fabrice Seixas. Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris.

From Triple X To Birdsong (In Search of The Schizophrenic Quotient)

From Triple X To Birdsong (In Search Of The Schizophrenic Quotient) highlights not only the virtuosity of the artists, but also the importance of masterful curation. Marc-Olivier Wahler demonstrates this through the innovative presentation of these diverse artworks. “The exhibition is the only medium that you can physically move through. By moving, our body enters into a system of physical correspondences with the works. And what if the task of the curator was precisely the management of this negative space?” explains Wahler about his alternative curatorial approach. Utilizing the ‘exhibition medium,’ he creates cohesion and makes the audience aware of the empty space surrounding the artworks, choreographing their interaction with the work and encouraging multiple readings and interpretations.

The exhibition features a wide range of artworks chosen for their ability to elicit multiple interpretations, what Wahler refers to as their “schizophrenic quotient.” Works include a new sculpture by Oscar Tuazon; Tatiana Trouvé’s large-scale pendulum installation, 350 Points Towards Infinity; a star painting by Ugo Rondinone; Hannah Rickards’s auditory work, Birdsong; a modular construction by Charlotte Posenenske; François Morellet’s light installation, Triple X neonly; a recent sculpture by John McCracken; and The Foamy Saliva of a Horse, by Carol Bove, which was most recently exhibited at the Venice Biennale.

The exhibition features work by artists Carol Bove, John McCracken, François Morellet, Charlotte Posenenske, Hannah Rickards, Ugo Rondinone, Tatiana Trouvé, and Oscar Tuazon.