FLARE (France Los Angeles Residency Exchange)

FLARE (France Los Angeles Residency Exchange) is a residency exchange program between Paris and Bordeaux and the City of Los Angeles. Now in its second edition, FLARE has allowed 8 artists to travel between France and the City of Angels.

In 2011, Richard Hawkins and Joel Kyack spent 2 months respectively in Bordeaux and Paris, while French artists Benoit Maire and Cyprien Gaillard had a chance to spend time in Los Angeles.

This year, the 2 selected artists  are Peter Harkawik and Patricia Fernandez. Peter is now at Cite Internationale Des Arts to work on a project in Paris and Patricia spends 2 months in Bordeaux. Learn more about them and their life in France.

In Los Angeles, LAXART welcomes  two artists welcomes until the end of year: Laurent Le Deunff and Armand Jalut. Laurent and Armand will be working on projects involving LA and ts different components.

FLARE (France Los Angeles Residency Exchange) is a project created by the French Cultural Services in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, with the support of the Institut Français, the City of Bordeaux and LAXART