LACMA is pleased to present Los Angeles based Antonio Mendoza and French artist Jimpunk, who are coming together to produce a new style of surrealist project entitled Dysleksic.

The two artists will simultaneously collect images, videos and various forms of media from the internet and compile them to form a constantly changing piece of digital art. The collage is composed while neither artist can see what the other one is doing, producing a unique and unintentional result.

Mendoza describes the project “It’s kind of like an exquisite corpse. We’re trying to use random material, creating a clashing of signs and a never-ending collage that has a lot of sound. Our goal is to keep this process going for awhile, loading new videos. It’s interesting to see how our respective contributions load and how they affect each other. It pushes the limits of the browser, but doesn’t quite crash. I think the surrealists would do something like that.”

Inspired by “net art,” a type of web page art which was popular between the mid 1990’s through 2005, the two artists take an original approach to create virtual collective art.