Cellular Streams / From the “Transitory Conditions” Series

“Cellular Streams” is an Audio Video site specific installation from Marianne Magne‘s ongoing  ”Transitory Conditions” series which began in 2005.

This project will encompass a video projection on the west side of the bridge in an audio environment.  The installation permutes the stone ridge into a biological arch. A red and grey video flow bridges the left and right bank of the canal, a metaphor for the subcutaneous currents that feed our brain and body: nervous path, lymphatic system, red and white cells, grey matter, synapses and chromosomes. Overlapping pathways ceaselessly carry information to participate in the left and right hemisphere connections. The piece alludes to our internal connectivity and its perpetual change, our organic and impermanent nature.

Soundscape: compiled from Ockham’s Razor [D.Day and A.Perich] tracks, mixed and edited by Magne.

A reception will follow the projection at 231 Howland Canal, Court C.