Born To Curate (performance / curatorial battle)

Iván Argote and Pauline Bastard present Born to Curate, a live curatorial battle that pits four teams of Los Angeles-based curators head to head in a fast-paced game of wit and knowledge. Structured like a game show, teams have two minutes to conceptualize a curatorial project or exhibition in response to a theme picked at random. Inverting the largely private curatorial process into a public event, ideas behind the construction of meaning are infused with open response and humor. Winners are determined by an applause meter and receive the coveted Born to Curate trophy.

Mario Ybarra Jr. (Independent artist & Slanguage) as Master of Ceremonies & Musical Accompaniment by DJ  WILDECRIST.

Participating Curators include: Miki Garcia (Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum), Shamim Momin (LAND), Mark Allen (Machine Project), Chris Kallmyer (Machine Project), Bill Kelley, Jr. (18th Street Arts Center & Otis), Matthew Schum (LAX><Art), Mat Gleason (Coagula Curatorial), Alex Donis (Independent artist and curator), Charlotte Eyerman (Director, FRAME & Independent curator) and Cecilia Fajardo-Hill (Independent curator).