The Foreign Correspondent: Your Man in LA / Unphotographic / Launch of Dispatch #4 & #5

In synchronicity with Paris Photo, please join us for the opening of Unphotographic curated by Eve Fowler including the work of Daphne Fitzpatrick, Nick Herman & Davida Nemeroff. As well as the Launch of PF Dispatches #4 & #5.

Unphotographic is a selection of pictures in which the information has been obstructed. The exhibition will take place within the improbable office of Public Fiction.

Dispatch #4 was announced last week and then retracted, only to be launched again this week. It showcases the writing of Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, the work of Neil Beloufa as well as a text on color by Andrew Berardini.

Dispatch #5 presents a text by Jonathan Lethem & the work of Davide Balula.

With happy hour cocktails by Ivette Soler