The Foreign Correspondent: Your Man in LA / Screening of La dérive / Dispatch #3

Please join us for a screening of La dérive by Paula Delso, organized by Hedi El Kholti. & the launch of PF Dispatch #3.

PF Dispatch #3 showcases Part 2 of a text by Charlie White, the work of Isabelle Cornaro as well as a text on color by Andrew Berardini.

Shot in 1962, released in 1963, and very rarely screened, La dérive is a small masterpiece by one of the few female practitioners of the French New Wave, Paula Delsol. Mixing documentary powers of observation with Antonioni-like intensity, it tells the story of a woman who refuses her assigned place, and, unmoored, drifts from lover to lover, in the process shredding the social conventions that dictate a life of submission and resignation. (80 min)

“I’m so moved—I’ve just seen La dérive—no one has ever done more with quiet audacity than Delsol with this film.” — Jean Rouch

“The only comparison to La dérive, and its audacity, are the early films of Ingmar Bergman.” —François Truffaut

This event will also feature happy hour cocktails by Ivette Soler.