The Foreign Correspondant: Your Man in LA / Kchung Live

Come to the Public Fiction office for: Kchung Live by the Kchung Newsteam,the launch of Dispatches #6 & #7, a performance by Davide Balula, & the closing of the Foreign Correspondent’s office at PF.

“Kchung LIVE is about reporting the news. It’s about getting hard hitting facts and stimulating editorials out to the public. It’s about letting everyone know what the traffic is like, or how big the swell is, or, stuff like that…”

The Newsteam involves: Jack Heard, Eric Kim, John Burtle, Cory Hanson, Alyssa White, Johnnie Jungleguts, Nikki Darling and more…

Dispatches #6 & #7 include contributions by Nikki Darling, Aude Pariset, Camille Henrot, Andrew Berardini and the final installment of Charlie White‘songoing, three part, dispatch.

Throughout the day we will also be performing “Time Travel” by Davide Balula.
This is the closing of the office