Veridiania Zurita - William Frame Performance

Veridiana Zurita

Veridiana Zurita (born in Sao Paolo- Brazil in 1982) began studying Classical Ballet at the Royal Dance Academy in São Paulo, Brazil. After her initial training she moved on to study Communications on Body Art Performance and Dance at the University of São Paulo, where she developed a highly individualized artistic practice utilizing various aspects of performance, video, and dance. After Sergio Basbaum ( a Sao Paulo based scholar, composer musician ) guest lectured at the Dutch Art Institute he made sure to enthusiastically introduce Veridiana Zurita to the DAI and vice versa. Since 2008, she has been based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and in 2010, she completed her Master in Fine Art. Currently Veridiana’s energetic practice as a performance and video artist brings her to places all over Europe and Brasil. In 2011-2012 she is also a participant at (advanced performance training) in Brussels, a 12-month post-master performance research program, developed out of the individual projects of the participants, and based on the principles of self-organization and collaboration.