Thomas Hirschhorn - Concordia, Concardia, 2012

Thomas Hirschhorn

Trained as a graphic designer, Thomas Hirschhorn is for hyper-saturated installations, using common materials such as cardboard, foil, duct tape, and plastic wrap. He has described his choice to use everyday materials in his work as “political” and that he only uses materials that are “universal, economic, inclusive, and don’t bear any plus-value”. He has said he was interested in the “hard core of reality” without disillusions, and has displayed a strong commitment to his work and role as an artist. Describing working and production as “necessary”, discounting anyone who encourages him to not work hard, the artist also commented“I want to be over-giving in my work”. Hirschhorn received the (2000/2001) Marcel Duchamp Prize and the Joseph Beuys Prize in 2004. His works are held in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center, and the Tate.In June 2011, Hirschhorn represented Switzerland at the Venice Biennale.
Born in 1957 in, Bern, Switzerland, the artist lives in Paris.