Sophie Bonnet Pourpet

Born in 1988, Sophie Bonnet-Pourpet graduated from ENSBA in Lyon. After being an assistant at Studio Weber & Shaw in Los Angeles in 2012, she pursued working on a metanarrative which combines modern heroines, popular culture and forms of minimalism.  Last summer, her work was contributed to Reader Circle at Document 13. A receiver of the Pézieux prize in October 2012, she is now working to display a wallpaper presenting her interest for fiction within architecture, as well as a performance of the subject. Coproduced with Wallpapers by Artists, it will be presented in the exposition LA Existancial, realized by Marie de Brugerolle for L.A.C.E in Los Angeles, from January to March 2013.  Sophie Bonnet-Pourpet will integrate the 2013-2014 season at Pavillion, the residence of the Palais de Tokyo.