Simon Bergala

After pursuing studies in Geography, Simon Bergala (born in Villecresnes, France 1977 attended the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon (the Lyon School of Fine Arts.) Since then he has developed his work as a painter, first in Hamburg, in affiliation with the Hochschule fur bildende Kunste, and currently between Berlin and Paris. Simon Bergala’s ongoing research process was first oriented around the idea of the symbolic space of the painting (used as a means of proposing model cities, of explicating life in the public space) and how throughout history this space has haunted (and still does) our conception of art.

Several paths lead out from this starting point: the projection of the spatial and social organization of cities onto the painted space, a vision of the unit ‘painting-city’ either as a closed model, centered around itself, or as the site of circulations and transformations that tend toward frequent contact with the unpredictable. In recent works, the painted space is extended onto various supports: sheeting, clothes, curtains, canvas tent cloth that are stretched onto frames. The support materials extend over the edges of the frames and into the exhibition space.
He lives and works in Berlin and Paris