Sabela Grimes

Sabela grimes is a multi-hyphenated artist, choreographer and educator whose work transforms speech and sound into a visual performance with movement that is electric on transmission.  Sabela has conceived and presented a body of dance theater work that proactively seeks to expand beyond contemporary notions of Hip Hop culture and aesthetics.  Projects such as World War What?Ever?, 40 Acres & A Microchip: Salvation or Servitude, Sankofa and his evening length tour-de-force BULLETPROOF DELI exemplify his propensity to funktion as performer, choreographer, writer, composer, actor and costume designer.

In addition to his own work, Sabela has functioned as composer/sound designer for Victoria Marks’ Medium Big Inefficient Considerably Imbalanced Dance, Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project’s Beautiful Struggle and is currently composing for David Rousseve’s, Stardust.  Sabela has exercised his skills as Artistic Director for Raphael Xavier’s, Black Canvas, and most recently on, The Underground: From the Streets to the Stage an evening length dance theater work choreographed by celebrated Krump founders Miss Prissy and Lil’ C.  He has also worked with the Dances Made To Order film series contributing his latest short film, AVEILable, and served as curator.

In 1997, Sabela joined Rennie Harris Puremovement (RHPM). During his tenure with RHPM, Sabela became a principal dancer and the company’s Education/Outreach Coordinator.  In addition to playing a leading role, Ben-V, in RHPM’s award winning production Rome and Jewels, Sabela also contributed two musical compositions and co-authored the script.

Sabela holds a MFA in choreography from UCLA’s World Arts and Culture Department and a BA in English also from UCLA. Sabela’s performance work and pedagogical approach reveal his invested interest in the physical and meta-physical efficacies of Black dance practices.  He created and continues to cultivate a technique-based approach to learning Black dance vernacular dances/dance forms called Funkamentals.