Pierre Ardouvin

Pierre Ardouvin’s work made its first appearance in the early 1990s and is often presented as a journey into the hazardous byways of consciousness and memory. With great economy of means, he conjures strange visions out of everyday reality, visions that may sometimes disturb through the violence of their content. His installations, sculptures, photographs and drawings are irrigated by memories that are both personal and collective, and which produce a sense of déjà-vu in the onlooker: although the scenes or objects that make up his work are resolutely familiar, they become distorted under the effect of an unsettling of the senses, a confusion that combines chaos, joy and nostalgia without distinction.

Pierre Ardouvin is represented by the Gallery Chez Valentin in Paris. He was nominated at the Marcel Duchamp prize in 2007. His work is present in many public and private collections in France, Mexico, Belgium, Argentina, United States …

Latest exhibitions include (Selection  2011-2012): Art Basel Miami Beach / Art Public”  Miami, USA; “Destination Sud (South destination) / Sam Art Project” MuBE, Sao Paolo, Brazil; “Brain damage”, Valentin, Paris, France. (Solo show); “French Art Today: Marcel Duchamp Prize”, NMOCA – Musée national d’art contemporain, Séoul, Corée du sud.; “French Window : Looking at contemporary Art throught the Marcel Duchamp Prize”, Mori Art Museum,Tokyo, Japon; “Purple Rain”, Hôtel d’ Albret – Nuit Blanche, Paris, France; “Evasion”, FRI-ART, Art Center, Fribourg, Switzerland; “Antidote 7”, Galerie des Galeries – Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France; “Collector”, National collection, Les Espaces du tri postal, Lille, France.