Olivier Mirguet

Olivier Mirguet was born in 1972 in France. He is both a photographer and a cinematographer who has been living in Los Angeles since 2008. His work focuses on places that represent power and surveillance.

A series dedicated to North Korea in 2002 was the starting point of his project. It was awarded with the World Press Photo Prize in 2003.
Olivier Mirguet also completed a work in Morocco, where former opponents to the regime of King Hassan II have led him on the path of the country’s secret prisons.

In France, he explored and photographed the empty halls of Radio France’s House, the “Maison de la Radio”. This circular fortress, built in Paris in 1963, relates to the concept of Panopticon imagined by the philosopher Jeremy Bentham for institutional buildings that allows one to see without being seen.
SUPERVISION L.A. proceeds from that same idea. In Los Angeles, Mirguet examined surveillance through the searchlight  of police helicopters.