Michel Aphesboro

Michel Aphesboro (born in Mauzac, France in 1948) is an artist, teacher and graphic designer at the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts. In 1978 he co-founded, along with Danielle Colomine, the art magazine 4Taxis. Originally nicknamed “the magazine of the international boondocks,” 4Taxis has developed into an unclassifiable category which focuses on a wide range of cultural and artistic activities in different cities: Berlin, Madrid, Seville, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Oaxaca, New York, Buenos Aires.

The experience of living in these cities creates the foundation for the structure of the magazine, which disregards the classic presentation of a magazine.  The magazine focuses on art work installed at a specific site within the city and hands-on educational art projects, in addition to the physical magazine itself. Aphesboro is a contributor to the web magazine, RosaB.

He is currently working working on two books: Pensee Nomade, Chose Imprimee.Teaching as Art: The History of an Unsettled Studio. 1989-2012. Paraguay Press, Paris. And Hero or Heel? An Illustrated History of the Early American Rock Press (1954- 1969).