Mambo is a French artist born in Chile in 1969. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

This half French, half Hungarian, self made man was raised in Latin America before settling down in France where he started to develop the base of its own language, that he describes as an illustrated brain, full of visions and emotions. In his borderless world, he started as a graffiti artist, then muralist for La Force Alphabétique (from 1986 to 1997) and became a member of 9e Concept collective, since 1998, Groland TV show, since 2002 and Pura Vida record label, since 2009.

He exposes on the walls of multiple cities such as Sao Paulo, Paris (including Centre Pompidou), Genève, Tokyo and Los Angeles. His collaborations offered him the opportunity to work in the fashion industry (Prada, Agnès B), in television (Canal+) and with brands such as Oakley, L’Équipe, Etnies and Desperados.

His journeys and encounters are his source of inspiration that make him a sensitive painter, who is famous for its simple and accurate draw lines, its fantastic and derisive shapes which create a mix of comic, reflection, senses observation and caricatured simplicity. His graphic world full of ideograms, shapes with meaningful lines inspire fantasy using derision and the depth of our nervous and sensorial system.