Laura Copelin - Loom.

Laura Copelin

Laura Copelin’s practice is grounded in difference and multiplicity; working across genres—painting, drawing, poetry, printmaking, gardening, photography and installation—I create objects, texts, and environments that form constellations of meaning.  Each object simultaneously indicts and diffuses its surroundings, creating a space for meaning making/unmaking that happens between images, text and objects; the betweeness (liminal space and consciousness) articulates new formal and grammatical structures. My work inhabits the intersection of nature, subjectivity, domesticity, mysticism and gestalt. Reflectivity, twinning and the twiceness of representation are invoked to highlight reiteration and difference within multiples, series and sets, and to play between the indexical, the original, and the sign.  I favor the quotidian object and transparent technique as vehicles to access the sublime, slowing the apprehension of meaning and protracting the desire for revelation.