Jonathan Bernad - Untitled

Jonathan Bernad

Jonathan Bernad collaborates with artists, strangers, animals, and cities, making Life Art, a process of weaving life with art. Lured to Los Angeles for a summer job feeding writer Mike White’s french bulldogs, he was never asked to leave and stayed for six years with Mike as a patron and Los Angeles a teacher. He fell in love with the city, accepting what she offered. Sharing this love via tours for strangers led to various adventures documented by video, books, photographs, and oral tales. Other projects include flying a stranger from South Africa to drive across America, sending an LA artist to Paris to cook dinners for surprised locals, and surviving a car crash in the desert with a visiting art student. An art collection began with gifts from visiting artists. He is currently enrolled at L’Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastique in Paris, France. He met Isabelle Le Normand on a bus in 2007 – today they run a gallery called Courtesy.