Jean-Luc Verna - Paramour, 2010 / Let's Dance, Macval, Vitry sur Seine, 2010

Jean-Luc Verna

With rock and roll performance, dancing, acting and painting, Verna is building a “total work of art”, as he puts it. His drawings on silk or paper, make up wall drawings, and photographs function on the basis of an iconoclastic mix, including the Beaux-Arts academic tradition and the gothic music style, mythological legends and comics superheroes, Hollywood and High Art. The artist has been compared to a “Michael Angelo for the XXst century”. His entire body of work is referring to the Decadents and Symbolists artists of the end of the XIXth century, “Today, we find the same fears for progress, disappearance of magic, etc. Actually, the beginning of the XXIst century is very much like the end of the XIX century, explains Verna. “The very special gender-bender style of Verna, posing nude on high heels, his body covered with star tattoos, maintaining the pose of a rock star on stage, mingled with references to famous images from the history of photography (Helmut Newton’s Big Nudes for example) reminds us that our fantasies are modeled by the entertainment and cultural industries. But the self is resisting. The joyful transgression Verna proposes invites us to give in to the pleasure of being alive.” (Pascal Beausse, Flash Art). Selected solo exhibitions include

BFAS, Genève, Switzerland (with Raymond Pettibon, 2003), Villa Bernasconi, Lancy, Switzerland (2003) Midway, St.Paul, Minnesota, USA, (2002), 2011 “Air de Paris, Paris (2011). Verna was born in 1966 in Nice, France.