Ibai Hernandorena - Maison Bulle, 2011.

Ibai Hernandorena

Ibai Hernandorena was born in 1975. He obtained his DNSEP at the National School of Art at Paris-Cergy in 2000. In recent years he has exhibited at Anyang in South Korea, in Paris for the Nuits Blanches 2010, at the Espace contemporain in Rennes, and in Pau for the Rendez-vous au jardin. “The work I have been developing since 2006 focuses on the production of mental objects which help to reactivate emotions and a presence in the world. The use of the language of architecture and design nurtures and opens up my determinedly artistic work towards new possibilities, and offers me a direct relationship between body and mind and their environment. My works pay special attention to our perception of reality, the way it seems to be and the way it is perceived. What I see in my work is the possibility of an elsewhere with, as its point of departure, the here and now, permitting a dream or the dream. With tricks, I upset a well established world to bring out new colours.”