Castillo Corrales

Castillo/corrales is a co-operatively run, non-profit contemporary art venue that includes an exhibition space, a bookstore and a publishing house. Established since 2007 in Paris – Belleville, it is managed by a group of artists, curators, writers and graphic designers. Castillo/corrales was conceived as a new type of art institution, one that provides artists, professionals and audience with an intimate and informal environment conducive to experimentation, discussion and learning.

Castillo/corrales was founded in 2007 in Paris by Thomas Boutoux, Boris Gobille, François Piron, Benjamin Thorel and Oscar Tuazon as a shared-office space and collectively-run project. At first freewheeling and conducted in a spirit of self-organized anarchy in the pocket-sized space of 65 rue Rébeval, castillo/corrales grew over the years into a more classic — though no less chaotic — non-profit organization structure and curatorial collective.