Aude Pariset

This exhibition will feature the solo work of Berlin-based French artist, Aude Pariset. It will revolve around the idea of hospitality, and is a continuation of the exhibition “Hosting Works, Exposure Rules” at Sandy Brown Gallery, Berlin from Fall 2012 . The new bodies of works presented will suggest a version of the tandem guest/host inspired by horror movie scenarios. The show will feature common designed furniture and personal objects merged with anonymous figures taken from the internet.

Aude Pariset (b. 1983, Versailles, France) is an artist living in Berlin, Germany who received her MFA from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, 2007. She has been included in group exhibitions Based in Berlin, a survey of contemporary artists working in the city. Other recent exhibitions include Hosting Works, Exposure Rules, Sandy Brown, Berlin; Yung Jung Stages, CEO Gallery, Malmo; Aude Pariset, Kate Steciw & Letha Wilson at Toomer Labdza, New York; Edge of Glory at CEO Gallery, Malmo; Post Internet Survival Guide at Gentili Apri, Berlin; and Etats de Choses which she co-curated at Darsa Comfort in Zurich. She is also the co-founder and co-curator of BCC, a series of single-evening exhibitions that puts the curator in charge of materialization of digitally submitted works by artists.

Pariset reimages photographic imagery through the manipulation of the medium, shifting the photo towards sculpture. An exchange between digital images and physical objects, the works give new context to both by creating a dialogue about transformation and technology, blurring the boundries of materiality and concept.