Aram Moshayedi

Aram Moshayedi is currently the associate curator of the Gallery at REDCAT, where, since 2010, he has organized exhibitions and overseen the production of new works by artists Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda, Jordan Wolfson, Geoffrey Farmer, Tony Cokes and Ming Wong. He was formerly a curator at LAXART (2005–10), where he curated solo projects by William Leavitt, Vishal Jugdeo and Uri Nir. Moshayedi has also written extensively on art and film/video with contributions appearing in numerous exhibition catalogs and such publications as ArtforumArt in AmericaArt Papers, Frieze and X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly and Bidoun magazine, for which he is also a contributing editor. He is currently organizing forthcoming exhibitions at REDCAT with Slavs and Tatars and The Otolith Group, slated to open in February and April 2013.