Cover of the Los Angeles issue of 4 Taxis, No. 9/10, Spring 1984.

Between France and Los Angeles: 4 Taxis

“…we arrived carrying all the mythologies of the city as we knew them in Bordeaux. We knew we wanted to meet the Cramps, Edward Ruscha, and Russ Meyer, and to dust off Eddie Cochran’s grave.”

I’ve seen the cramps and met Ed Ruscha (though I was too tongue-tied to be anything but tongue-tied), Russ Meyer will be forever elusive.  The above is from a beautiful conversation that Thomas Lawson recently had with Michel Aphesbero and Danielle Colomine of 4 Taxis, not only about their magazine, which they started in Bordeaux in 1978, but also their incredible issue on Los Angeles, published in 1984. They manage with verve and panache to give one of the best pictures of Los Angeles of the early 80s. In my imagination, Matt Groening and Mike Kelley of course go to the same parties, it’s even better to know it was real.