Michel Blazy - Fontaine de Mousse, 2007.

Artist Focus: Michel Blazy

Michel Blazy prefers things to do what they’ll do. He lets the foam foam, the brooms grow, the oranges moulder. It is true that he bubbles and shapes the foam into beautiful cascades, that it is he who placed the broom into the dark, rich soil to let the seeds left in its straw sprout greenly, and he’s stacked the orange halves carefully so that there bright orange skins melt into towers like otherworldly castles.

Minimalism emphasized the power of things, not things about things, but things themselves: stacks of bricks, poured cement, chunks of metal. When Michael Fried accused this movement of theatricality, he must have had a curious if not not entirely static sense of the theatre. With some mixture of science and animism, Blazy allows things to be things, things with movements and life, things that evolve and change, things happily, strangely, beautifully caught in the growth and collapse of creation.

His work came recently to LA with one of the trio of shows at Courtesy and in the Marc-Olivier Wahler curated Lost (in LA), recently installed at Barnsdall.