Artist Focus: Isabelle Cornaro

This next to this is always completely different than this next to that. Lautréamont wasn’t messing around when he told of a chance meeting between and umbrella and a sewing machine on a vivisection table. This next to this versus this next to that isn’t everything of course.

Isabelle Cornaro does all this and more. She arranges and arrays, organizes and displays, but she furthermore transforms taking lace and making it plaster, shooting films where money drifts beautifully into abstraction, casting a gang of tautological objects into plaster, each cast a perfect drawing.

Have things been arranged so beautifully, they’ve transformed into landscape—they have. If everyday objects are lit with dreamy drama, even they can take on the aura of the fantastical. Of course when things translate from one thing or another, something is lost and something is gained. The act of seeing of sight of feeling the textures with your eyes and negotiating their arrangement with your body. In the work of Isabelle Cornaro, objects strike curious poses.

Her work was included in LA Existencial at LACE and will be featured in an upcoming dispatch released by Public Fiction as part of Your Man in LA/The Foreign Correspondant