Artist Focus: Davide Ballula

A wash of blue. Inside a Peter Alexander resin or maybe one of David Hockney’s pool paintings spilled out and coating the walls with its cool bright submersive and subversive swimming pool blue. Yves Klein coated his oeuvre in ultramarine (the variant of course is his trademarked and patented International Klein Blue) because that blue bends out, reaches into the room so forcefully and sinks you so wetly into its imagined depth. Pool blue, the blue that Davide Ballula has painted Francois Ghebaly Gallery, doesn’t punch like IKB, but is instead a cool breeze, a clear sky on a clear day that reaches for miles, surrounding without entrapping, and like the ocean a few miles away, the longer you stare at the more it pacifies. The three curved white panels poking out from the wall near the bottom of the pool may bear the curve of some distant museum wall famously curved, but here they are clouds puncturing the sky, islands of purity in an unreal ocean, loungers for lazy swimmers longing to float in a cocoa butter tan. Here they are wide white windows into the void. Perhaps the spirit of Yves Klein haunts this newly painted pool after all.