Artist Focus: Bernard Piffaretti

Bernard Piffaretti makes a second stop in Los Angeles as a Parisian correspondent for Public Fiction’s first dispatch, in his first round last month his inspiring show at Cherry & Martin inspired a review from yours truly on the playful beauty of his work:

Spot the difference. A colored line cuts down the middle of the thirty works in Bernard Piffaretti’s latest exhibition; in each the left side (mostly) mirrors the right. A split-image game fallen out of Sunday’s funnies and kids’ magazines comes alive in these bifurcated paintings. Halving the painting is a long-running gag of the artist’s—call it his signature. Abstraction pars the course here, but it’s easy to find stories in their lines and streaks. The artist when interviewed, however, propounds them purely as formal abstractions. A pink searchlight cuts through black-and-white striped clouds into a much stripier landscape, interchanging bright blue and reds cut with white and mustard, lengthwise lines shimmering with color. In another, two white canvases hang side by side with daubs of varicolored paint like messy fingers smearing a white wall.

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